You want to rent your property ?


Because you want to rent a property, it may be the right time for you to make the right decision and use a property manager.
Renting a property is a job! And it requires knowledge and experience, starting with the estimation of the rent price which should not be done lightly.
The property manager is there to make a reliable estimate of your property, taking into account a large number of parameters: the living area, the number of rooms, the price per square meter in your town and neighborhood, the general condition of the property, the layout of the rooms in the home, the presence or absence of outdoor spaces, the proximity to amenities, shops and transportation, etc. He checks under which tax regimes you have bought the property and complies with the regulations of the regime you have chosen.

To enhance the value of the property, to rent it more quickly and at a better price, such is the added value of the property manager.
He will take care of the administrative procedures for you, will organize the posting of the advertisements, will organize the visits of your property.
It will also check the solvency of future tenants, in conjunction with the rent guarantee insurance.
He will take care throughout the mandate to perpetuate your heritage, by making minor repairs.
In case of major repairs, he will make sure you are informed as soon as possible and will decide with you what needs to be done.

By calling on a property manager, the lessor or the tenant can also count on a trusted professional. Indeed, the activity of real estate agent is framed by the law and offers guarantees to consumers. A real estate agent must take out insurance covering his professional civil liability in accordance with the provisions of the Hoguet law of January 2, 1970, as well as a financial guarantee, guaranteeing the funds held by the real estate agent for a minimum amount of 120,000 euros; this amount must be regularly re-evaluated to take into account the mandates in the portfolio
Finally, the real estate agent must follow a continuous training of a minimum of 14 hours per year (or 42 hours during three consecutive years of practice) on all legal, economic, commercial or ethical issues as well as on techniques concerning construction, urbanism or on the energy transition.
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